The Best Telegram Bots List In 2020

Telegram Bots 2020 :There are several social media apps available in the Play Store. If you have a search on some of the coolest apps on the Internet everyday, you definitely know about Telegram. “Telegram” is one of the favorite apps available on the Play Store and other platforms. The Play Store has 100 million downloads of telegrams through which we can determine the popularity of telegrams. Telegram has many wonderful features. One of the best service provided by Telegram is chat service or Telegram chat bot. Today in this post we will tell you about the best telegram bots list.

Telegram is a wonderful app that is available worldwide. A telegram has many exciting features, one of them is the exciting trait telegram bot. Telegram bot is a feature that makes user’s work easier. We can quickly find any thing that is searching on a browser or search engine. There is an AI (artificial intelligence) present in telegram. We can also set a reminder on the Telegram bot feature. There are many new bots available on Telegram. Some telegram bots given in this post.

Best Telegram Bots List 2020

Many of you are still wondering how telegram chat bots can be beneficial for us. On this page, we will tell you about each bot how you can use these bots and why they are necessary for us.

Wiki Bot

wikipedia telegram bot

Wikipedia is a famous website which contains a lot of data. If we have any doubt we go can search that part on Wikipedia to know its detail. There are many students group which is available on telegram who need the information for their work or assignments, so they use the Wikipedia link.

You can also use wiki bots. Using wiki bots, you can send the Wikipedia link to your friends in group or person for your study work or any assignment. You have to type like @wiki search term. In your contact or group of a telegram, Wikipedia link will get send immediately.

YouTube Search

Youtube is another famous website which contains a lot of video contents. You have seen many peoples sharing videos online in a chat they send video by copy and pasting the chat.

But did you know that there is a new modern way on telegram. You must write in a format @vid bot search by YouTube video name and then you can share the video in your contact.


imdb telegram bots

Many times it happens that you create a program with your friend to see the movie and discuss a lot, but you can not see which movie to watch, but the telegram app can help you see which movie . An imdb bot exists for its users.

Just type @imdb and the name of the movie and choose your result. You can send imdb bots to a group or to your friend in a personal chat thread. IMDb Bot is very helpful. Searching for a movie imdb bot is beneficial thing to do.

Giphy GIF Search

The user sends gifs to his lovers, friends and others, a fun way to send gifs. There are many types of gifs available on telegram. There is no need to download any GIF just need to use the bot and send it again. On Telegram, sending gifs to your friends is quite easy.

You have to write @gif and your search query and select any gifs and send it. This bot will send your select gif to your contact or group where you want to send. Gif bot is a fascinating feature available on telegram app. It makes easy for a user to send a gif.

Bing Bot

Bing Image search telegram bots

Many times we want to search an image on the Internet for which we open a browser and do a search there but no longer need to go through these steps. If you’re on telegram, you can search directly for your chat.

To search, you have to write @bing and your image search query many images will come there choose your image and send it to any person in your contact list or you can also send it in any of your group.

Markdown Bot

The Markdown Bot is quite simple to use, and it is essential for some persons. We all know about bold. When we make any words bold in a lesson, it is considered to be dark and comfortable, which the user can see.

Many people want to use bold in their text message, but they can not. Now you can use bold in your text message. When you are writing @bold and then the text you want to make bold and send it to a personal chat or a group

Store Bot

telegram store bot

Storebot is an official telegram bot through which we can search for some other bots. Just type @storebot in your chat box and search for a bot when you get your available bot, click it and use the bot you want. Using @Storebot, you find a list of bots from which you have chosen to select your bot.

Game Bot

Many users like to play a game, because playing games makes our brain more active and enhances our intelligence. For such players, there is a bot for them in telegram.

You can play games on Telegram. Use @gamebot to play the game and discover the game you want to play. Many excited games are available on Telegram.

Some games are Math Battle, Course and Lumber Jack. At the end of the game, you can also compare yourself and your friend’s score.

All games on Telegram @ GameBot are single player games. Not only @gottbot for gaming like @Game and @Gamee_bot, but more telegram game bots are available on telegram. Here you can also play games and fight your contacts.

Moku Bot

otuto bot

Mokubot is very fantastic bot available on telegram chat. We can search anything on mokubot, and we get the result instantly. When you search for anything on the internet, it gives you many results. On @mokubot you an use the tags to search for a result.

Your result is from Google search, google images, google maps, google translate, youtube, Reddit, Wikipedia, IMDb and many other tops searched websites.

Prisma Bot

Creating photo filter become a trend. These days many users want some good reflection and something unique type of filter on their photos. On telegram, there is a bot available for the users who want to have a unique filter on their photo or their profile picture.

To use the filter, you have to write @prismabot and send your photo their on chat, and you get your photo back which contains the filter.

Voice Box

voicy bot

Have you ever thought that when you are feeling tired and want someone to respond to my chat, then the user thinks that, but now it is going to be on telegram.

In the telegram bot, there is a Bot Voicebox. You can record your voice using @Voicybot, and the telegram converts your voice into a text message and sends it to the user you want to send. It’s not less than a dream.

On Telegram, this feature of voicemail is one of the important apps. Many users can not write or they are not able to write, they can record their voice as a question or answer and send it to the user they want to send.

Image Hosting Bot

Have you ever try to promote any image on any social media app. You know that how the much tricky task is it to send the same image to everyone. What will you say if we tell you can convert your image into a URL and that URL can send to your every user? We know you get shocked.

On telegram, it is possible that you can send an image by converting it into a URL. Just type @imageuploadbot, and then you can create your image into a URL and then forward or send URL by copy pasting.

In chat thread, your image will send, and you don’t have to send an image to every person send the link, and they get the image.

Spoty Bot

Spoty Bot

Have you ever gone from this situation that you are listening to music and want music but do not know what music is ?. Search for that music on the internet and get confused about what it is and download them all and listen to finding your music.

Now no need to go from this situation if you are on the telegram. On telegram, there is a bot @spotybot which is quite helpful for you., Because it is a music telegram bot .

Photo Setter Bot

What if you are aware of that feature that can convert images into text? I know you do not know. Photo Setter bot will work smoothly with you at this time.

This happens to us many times, and your friend sends you a screenshot of a number that you have to type or any screenshot that contains some important numbers that you have to write.

You can self-do this by @photosetterbot. Send your photo or screenshot on @photosetterbot and reply you will get the text that has all the data that contain in a photo that you send.

Image Vision Bot

image vision Bot

Sometimes your friend plays with you a game in which he sends you a photo, and you have to find something inside it. There is one such feature in the Instagram. In which you will get image details.

There is an artificially intelligent present on chat. You have to send the image in the Bottom Vision bot, and it will describe the bot image.

Welix Uber Bot

Many times you are in a hurry or are busy in important work, and you have to hire a taxi. You open the uber app and input all the details to rent a taxi, which has several stages, and this makes you disturb with your work.

But, if you are on telegram, then you can do the cab book easy way. You can use Welixuber bot to book a cab in Telegram. Welixuberbot buys a cab for you and receives your account details from the Telegram app. We know you will be shocked. Telegram bot is a case for us.

Weather Man Bot

weatherman bot

We know all of you need the weather predictions to go or work in our life. Weather predictions important in our life. By weather predictions, we can determine the best time to go out. And traffic these days is also dependent on the weather. On telegram there is a weather prediction features bot.

A user enters the city in the north, it predicts the temperature of the whole day, including the prediction of the weather, the time of sunrise, the sunset time, the humidity in your city, the probability of rain and the search for this weather forecast and everything you Tells to send. That is why Weatherman is one of the best service provided by Bot Telegram.

Trending Bot

When you open youtube there is a column of trending videos which contains all the trending videos. Users fell it very difficult to search trending videos and then send them on a telegram to there friends or any contact or group.

You can do this by using the telegram app, or you can also say that telegram will do this for you. On telegram, there is a bot named @nowtrending bot using this, but you can quickly search for youtube trending videos and not even search you can also share these videos to your friends in your personal chat or a group.

Delorean Bot

delorean Bot

There are many people who forget to do some work, they want someone to ask them to work. Alarm is now a days old fashion to create a reminder. Do you know that there is a facility on Telegram where you can set a reminder, and you are notified as a message? it’s so interesting?

To create a reminder, set a reminder in just one message and it will respond when you give your time to do your work. Through it, you can not forget to do the work you want to do. To set a reminder, you must give a message in the @delorean bot. For example, if you set a reminder for 2 minutes, after measuring your local time, it will tell you after 2 minutes for your work.

Exactly App Bot

Exactlyappbot is another exciting feature available in the Telegram app. By using App BOT you can search on any word’s telegram chat. This feature has its own dictionary. This will give you the correct meaning of work in a reply.

Poll Bot

The poll bot is an exciting and fantastic feature available on the telegram. Using the feature poll, we can make a poll on which we put a question and ask the other users to answer.

Users give the vote to an answer. At last according to the votes, the answer is decided. Which have more votes that poll will show up to the users? By poll bot we can understand what users of a specific society wants.

poll Bot


On this page, we have mentioned some of the best telegram bots for you. You can use these bots on your telegram app. We also explain every, but also we have told how can you use these bots. If you want to ask any query related to this article, you can ask your question in the comment box given below. We will reply to your comment when we are free.

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