Download Facebook Themes & Messenger Themes for Android

At a time, I want to change my Facebook themes on my device. I have faced the lot of effort to change my Facebook themes on android device. Because the officially Facebook never provided a theme change option on the apps. To solve, I had a searching lot of time. Finally, I got some Facebook themes app. which is shared in this post. You can find the download link below, just need to scroll down and see the list of Facebook Messanger themes on Android.

These Themes are type of android program. This changes the either Facebook background theme color or icon and notification color. Also, it helps to look the new colour of Logo icon, Chat and Sidebar Option. But it can’t develop the chat performance. The primary goal of the themes changes the colour of the Facebook app.

Facebook Themes

The Facebook is a viral social site in the world, and it helps to share our thoughts, image, and video with our friends and family members. About 900 million above android user install the app on the play store. All are faced the one problem how change Facebook themes for an android device?

Facebook developer Mark Zuckerberg made the blue colour theme. But the theme is bored now; we always see only one type of theme colour. So guys In this post we added the themes download link and install guide! look below

How to Install Facebook Themes /Facebook Messanger Theme?

Follow the step by step guide on how to install the theme.

  • First, uninstall running version Facebook App/Facebook Messanger App on your device. If not, then skip it.
  • Now, Download the below themes/Facebook Messanger simple tap on button icon.
  • Then, Install the download apk and log in your Facebook account.
  • That’s Done!

Download Facebook Themes on Android

The Facebook is not an open source social app as compared to other social media according to their developer. So, we never change the default blue colour theme. But don’t worry about that. We share some mod color Facebook apps which change the Facebook background theme colour.

A transparent Themes

Transparent Facebook ThemesLast time I have shared the transparent whatsapp themes but today share transparent theme for your android device. See below you can find Download button, tap on that and install it on the device. No, any blog provided transparent  theme but it possible only our blog.

Download Theme

Gold  Themes

gold Facebook ThemesThe Gold color looks attractive than other colors. So, The Ornaments is made of gold. Same as the Facebook ornament is a gold color.If you interested in downloading gold Facebook theme apk then use the button.

Download Theme

Red  Theme

Red Facebook ThemeI like red color.So I made Red color mod  themes for android device. Click on red colour themes button and use it on your Android device.

Download Theme

Green  Theme

Green Facebook Theme
Green Facebook Theme

The green color is lying all over the world in the form of trees, mountain, valley, etc. So it the Green theme is protecting your eyes from loss vision. If you eye some problem with low vision, then I recommended you to use Green Facebook themes.

Download Theme

Pink  Theme

Pink Facebook ThemeHave you saw Rose? If yes, then you knew that color of the rose is pink. The pink color is making it’s looking sweet. So, why not we make our Android Themes Pink Color? If yes, then use the button.

Download Theme

Black  Theme

Black Facebook ThemeThe black color is a useful color, and it used most of the time such as websites letter, keyboard letter, Black ball pen, etc. This color is suitable for night. If you were interested in protecting your eye from high display radiation effect, then use Black Facebook themes.

Download Theme

Yellow  Theme

Yellow Facebook ThemeAre you interested in changing the Facebook background theme to yellow? Interest person, download the below yellow color  themes and use it on your Android Smartphone. This color is changing your background FB Themes for Android.

Download Theme

Deep Green  Theme

Deep Green Facebook ThemeThe Deep Green Theme Apk looks like young tree color. To change Facebook background themes into a deep green, use the below download button and install it.

Download Theme

Download Facebook Messenger Themes for Android

There are a lot of blogs which share Facebook messenger tips and tricks; this makes to Facebook more beautiful and exciting. Well, I am taking its background Interference that means its themes. In this post, we share a lot of beautiful Facebook messenger themes that you can explore your Messenger new look.

Deep Black Messenger Theme

Deep Black Facebook Messenger ThemeThe deep black theme helps to disallow mobile display radiation that means protect your eye to some eye disease. It is designed mainly for night time download the theme and use at night.

Download Theme

Transparent Messenger Themes

Transparent Facebook Messenger ThemesOn the above already discussed transparent Facebook themes but you can use the transparent Facebook messenger themes on this blog. Just need to lose some internet data and waste some download time nothing need else. Lets’ enjoy the transparent messenger theme.

Download Theme

Hello kitty Facebook Messenger Themes

Hello kitty Facebook Messenger ThemesThe hello kitty messenger apk is the pink color. The pink color is making it very cool look. It looks awesome due to inbuilt the doll wallpaper in Facebook background theme. Are you want to know some features of the theme then use the below download link.

Download Theme

Black  Messenger Themes

Black Facebook Messenger ThemesI love to use the black color theme on my android. Because the black color theme looks clearly in sunlight. To fulfill the visitor need, we try to make the mod Black Facebook Messenger Themes.If you Interest to use a black theme on your Facebook messenger, then download and enjoy it.

Download Theme

Friends, this is the way, use both Facebook Themes and Facebook Messenger Themes on your Android device. I hope you must be like this article . If you have any issue then write your issue in comment box .if the article helpful for you, then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Finally thanks for visiting!

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