Girls WhatsApp Numbers list For Friendship

Whatsapp Girls:-Hey Readers, It was a long time ago we have not posted on my blog. Today; we have got something special post for you. This post is a bit different from our usual posts. So, we are back with this awesome article on Girls Whatsapp Numbers collection. If you are looking for “ Real Number, Girl Whatsapp Number for a chat, Female user etc” then you are landed at right place. Just read the complete article, and I am sure you will find a trusted Number for friendship.

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Nowadays, mainly boys are looking for Girls cellphone number on the internet. Are you interested in getting girl contact number If yes, Then this post fulfill your dream? Also, you have faced the problem to get real girls Whatsapp contact details on the web, but many of them are fake. So, here you can get unique Whatsapp numbers list for friendship. Just look below collection you can find new people on the post and make them in your friend circle.

WhatsApp is the best platform to stay connected with your friends and family. It is giving best features to communicate with our new friends.

Day to day it is coming with new features. The app is highly recommended and rated app ever. Most of the people are using whatsapp. Social media means whatsapp comes to our mind first.

There is so many social app for chatting. But we all are acquainted with whatsapp. So we loved to chat on whatsapp. Here we can share our feelings or emotions through the messages, images, videos, gifs etc. You know we can chat in group also.

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The collection will cover the worldwide country, and it was starting from India to Portugal, you will find here all type of girls to make online friends with them. Now, the online dating market is too large and finding real girl Whatsapp numbers is a very difficult task. So, guys, we provided the post beautiful girls on contact details for Friendship purpose, nothing else.

How to Find Number?

  • Look Below, you can find a lot of Girls whatsapp number in country wise, Choose your favorite Country name
  • Then, scroll down see the girl name, whatsapp status, age and Number option.
  • After that you will chat with this girl or hit add contact icon to saving the number.

Whatsapp Girl real Number Collection

I hope many girls from a different country are ready to give their Whatsapp numbers on the internet; so this collection will collect from different web blog. But the all of them are real because our team member will verify all the Whatsapp girls QR code and make a list.

This list is worldwide so you can chat with Whatsapp in different languages. It can help you to develop your language skill as well as friendship nature. I suggest you put your Whatsapp number, Name, and Country in below comment box So Visitor can add in Whatsapp and you all become a friend.

Disclaimer Note: –Are you interested in sharing your contact details, just send your mobile number, picture and original govt voter ID on our Gmail –[email protected].It will be published when admin approved that?

Privacy policy :-we write only agreed girl with verifies govt photo id  for the friendship purpose. we never share any private WhatsApp number on this post . if interested touch our friends write your number on comment section we inform as soon as possible.

USA Girl Whatsapp Number

Now, Whatsapp user spread day to day and must of America young mass use Whatsapp. So we never neglected to share the high economic country USA Girl  Number. In the below, we collected only trusted USA girls whatsapp details and listed below.

USA Girl Whatsapp Number

Status-My dream is friendship with unknown friend
+1 2025550104

Status- True Love naver dies
+1 210 460 4151

Name- Jasmine
Status- Our god Christ
+1 315949 3958

Name- Lily
Status-I Love Usa
+1 315949 3959

Name- Isabella
Status- whatsapp Only
+1 315949 3960

Status- I wait you for chatting
+1 315949 3968

Status- i wait only a good person
+1 31594 998 456

Name- Alexis
Status- i am the best person in the world
+1 31594 998 765

Status-My self Taylor
+1 936-247-1155

Name- Anna
Status- I love world
+1 9930637524

Name- Catty
Status- You are perfect combination of cutey and beauty.
+1 849041298

Status- Do you love me
+1 849041299

Indian Girl Whatsapp Number

You can easily impress any girls through Whatsapp just need to girls number. if you are Indian and interested in touching with Indian girls through the Whatsapp, then these criteria is fulfilled your aim.

Name- Tanuja Samal
Status- Don’t look for happiness in the same place
+91 9654766051

Name- Sunita Majhi
Status- A girl adding you to her Whatsapp is a modern sign of trust
+91 9654766051

Name- Sunita Majhi
Status- A girl adding you to her Whatsapp is a modern sign of trust
+91 9654766051

Name- Harapriya Pradhan
Status-a beautiful face,age and perfect body will change , but a beautiful soul will always be beautiful…
+91 9654766052

Name- Nirupama Khan
Status- Can’t talk whatsapp only
+91 9654766054

UK Girl Whatsapp Number

According to Youngsters of the country spent 188 minutes per day on average browsing the web outside the school. I think, some of them at least 60 minutes engage social media like facebook, Whatsapp, telegram, etc. So, our team member will found that some unknown UK girls are given a number on the internet. First, verify our team and added the below list.

UK Girl Whatsapp number list
UK Girl Whatsapp number list

Name- Abelard
Status- I am afraid to fall in love
+1 3454766054

Name- Araminta
Status- I am an innocent girl
+1 3454766055

Name- Cressida
Status- I add your number and you ?
+1 3454766057

Name- Elsie
Status- Every girl dream = To make correct life partner
+1 3454766046

Canadian Girl

So, you’ve been thinking about Friendship a Canadian girl, First of all, congratulations on your great taste in people Not only are girls from Canada extremely friendly and passionate individuals, but they have not interested in touching the unknown person. Don’t worry about that; our list will help you to make friends with them without any hard work.

Name- Saadaoui Samar
Status- chat with me
+1 501 523 8110

Name- Elizabeth
Status- can you friendship with me
+39 501 523 8110

Status- Do you add my whatsapp contact
+39 501 5297856

Status- Just check my contact and quick contact by whatsap
+39 1070987608

Status- This number is only for you
+39 1070988753

Status- whatsapp only
+39 4070984784


An Italian girl probably won’t ask you at first for Friendship. So, your task is used below number and impresses the Italian girl through Whatsapp. I suggest you can to ask them for friendship but many of them they not agreed the first time they always try. Even the second time and the third time etc…

Status- I am so romantic
+39 7556894538

Status-our friends ,make our world.c
+39 7556678738

Name-Rayssa alives
Status-Music changes everything
+39 7559647692

Russian Girls Whatsapp

Russian girls have always been a mystery to men. Their extraordinary beauty and charming personalities have many a man falling in love. So don’t use the Russian gilr for love purpose just use for Friendship purpose. So, guys, This list will connect to you with new Russia friends.

Russian Girls Whatsapp Number

Name- Helen roberts
Status-Hey there i am active.
+1 23765976745

Name- Lydia Bulter
Status-Iife is a way of up and down
+1 2376676876

Name- Leeann Whitelaw
Status-at work
+1 9939556590

Australia Girl

Australian girls are charming and beautiful in the world that’s the reason a lot of people want to be friends with them. Have you seen trusted Australian contact, any other blog I sure nothing.

Name- Chey Hinder
Status-no captions
+61 9939556590

Name- Anusha Gowtham
Status–I am not special , i am just limited edition
+61 6786409876

Name- Kruti
Status–Expect Kruti
+61 5778396876

South African

Are you seeking to chat with South African girlsIf yes, then this coterie is only looking for Whatsapp number. You can send directly Whatsapp messages by using the below  list.

Name-Karlii Ellen
Status–Urgents call only
+27 6876605898

Name-Ko lay
Status–its the lords doing
+27 6758396389

Name-Hanifa Macaagir Sultan
Status–call me
+27 6696875734

Bangladeshi Number

The Bangladeshi girl is open minded and uses language Bengali. So In these categories, we added some popular Whatsapp ., and these girls are live in Dhaka, Chittagong, Barisal, Rangpur, etc.

Name-Shella Esre
+880 7786653478

Status–love, smile , faith Age-23
+880 74654698765

Name- Mamata Begam
Status–I always cool Age-22
+880 6746846666

Real Pakistani Girl Whatsapp Number

In Pakistan, there are must of people use Whatsapp messenger on their Smartphone. Some of the girl’s user shares their own number with the public through the web. We collected some Real Pakistani Girl contact and listed below. You can touch with Pakistan girls by the use of Pakistani Girl Whatsapp Number.

Name- Faiza Malik
Status–Be happy age-26
+92 9837365778

Name- Tahmina
Status- busy age-23
+92 6534567356

Name- Tanu Kha
Status- love God age-22
+92 3756537657


Most of Brazil girl’s skin color black with curly hair. They always care her body fitness and many of them always engaging social media like Whatsapp facebook etc. ,. So you can easily become a friend to them by using the follow .

Name- Simbra
Status- sleeping age-19
+55 3756537657

Name- Dicroza
Status- do not chat with me age-21
+55 4647684764

Name- Daniel victoriaa
Status- everyone is same for me age-29
+55 9864536473


Malaysia girls are love to friendship with the new person. Why waste your time Tap on “get number “and directly contact with Malaysia Girls.

Name- Thaina Lohana
Status- watch video age- 32
+55 5388776509

Name- Suzany Teles
Status- listen music age- 18
+55 4646848709

Name- Ketty Oliveira
Status- new idea age- 23
+55 7564898765

France Girl

Most of France girls skin and hair color are white. They have always maintained their body for fitness, and sometimes they engage on Whatsapp. So, I recommended you to check the number list; you can able to share your thoughts, and easily you make friends with them.

Name- Isamaea Souza
Status- Now chat with me age- 23
+33 7564898765

Name- Leonardo Padovan
Status- do quick age- 21
+33 7868655787

14 &15 year Girl mobile Number

Do you want teen girl Whatsapp contact.T hen this coterie is Fulfil your desire. on below we listed some 14 to 15 year Girl mobile Whatsapp Number. Just need to use Get Number Key.

Name- Lisa Khan
Status- I daily go to school age- 15
+92 6356738678

Name- Julana Goswami
Status- always online age- 15
+91 5675756709

Name- Sunita kanduaa
Status- I hate sweet age- 14
+91 9747546532


Stop the searching Turkey Girl number, here you get the real collection girls Whatsapp number.

Name- Nijila
Status- status added now Age- 23
+90 7563563613

Name- Zeynep
Status- Touch with me by whatsapp Age- 23
+90 5647890775


In these countries, girls are looking very beautiful. Their color is white. Hair color is curly. They want to friendship with every boy. So you will be a friend with them, and you can chat with them freely.

Name- Elif Nur
Status- avaliable age- 16
+351 6276535986

Status- nothing is impossible age- 25
+351 7575654323

Name- Baliny
Status- i like smile age- 23
+351 7868756398

More  coming soon …..

Disclaimer Note: – We are not responsible any accident issue because this collection will be collected from Different web blog. Our main aim is to make friends with new Whatsapp girls, nothing else If you see that your number added to the above list and you want to remove that, then use the comment section our team member will remove quickly.

Is it necessary to talk/chat with girls?

Is it necessary to talk chat with girls

If we see to our present or past you will mark that boys are always interested to talk with girls. It may be a child girl or a teenager girl. There is a charm of girls which makes boys mad.

They attract towards them. Girls are really beautiful and interesting. They hold a lot of quality. They have well behaviour and a caring nature which dedicated to their families and friends.

Boys mark all of these things. So they want to come closer to the girl and want to interact with them. They want to understand girls. So when we see a boy is trying to talk with a girl we think that boy is a naughty or bad boy. But his intention is not bad.

So the question is arising that is it necessary to talk with girls? Then in answers, i will say yes, it is necessary to talk with girls. If you don’t talk with girls you can’t understand them and can’t give the respect and love what they want. So you have to know them by talking.

I will say it is really necessary to talk with girls to know them more and perfectly but what you will talk that depends on you. You should always talk with girls with a respect.

So always keep that point on your mind and make your talking beautiful. But it is difficult to get their number. So we are trying to provide your number from here. So enjoy and be entertained.

why Whatsapp is the best way of chatting?

Whatsapp is the best way to chat for a new comer. So if you want to make friendship with girls then choose whatsapp for chatting. It is the easiest way and giving more facilities. You can start your friendship in whatsapp.

You can start your chatting with emoji or stickers. There are a hundred way to make impressive your chatting and one step ahead to your friendship. I am sure you will enjoy a lot from here. You can’t get the better way from here. So friends what are you thinking of? Just ask whatsapp number to girls and start your new friendship life or love life without any hesitation.

Why Whatsapp Girls – The secret of beauty?

Why Whatsapp Girls - The secret of beauty

Girls are beautiful. God makes them with a creativity. If you will see them closer you can get that secret. Boys are always confused that why God made them such a beauty which attracts them more.

I think God made them with all beauty. A peace comes to heart when we see a beautiful girl. You can’t catch them easily. They are very secretive and protective.

The beauty meant inner beauty as well as they’re outlook. Both are marvellous. So boys are always trying to talk to them and want to see their beauty from closer.

I think beauty falls from girls. They are specially made and God creates them with the best creativity. Girls are like angels. They are beautiful, cute, sweet, simple, honest, kind, cool, lovely and most importantly powerful. Today’s girls are powerful and confident.

They are matching their steps with boys. Yes, they have the quality and the inner strength to do that. They want to reach the top of success. Girls are like God. They should be worshiped with respect. They deserve respect and love. If we describe the quality of girls we can’t express it exactly and fully. They are special and unique and different.

Finally, guys the post about Girls WhatsApp numbers collection is taken from many web source and all of are 100% real . if you fell that any number fake after you contact them then use the comment box. I will remove or add new real whatsapp girl number after get your comment. Also, I suggest you to getting new number to add socialclu to your bookmark because after next update you will find new number without search on web.

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