How to check who has super liked you on Tinder?

As you are here, it is sure that you are a Tinder lover or maybe new to the Tinder. Have you recently made a Tinder account? Are you not completely aware of the features of Tinder? Have you received a notification that someone has super liked you? If yes, then you are in the correct place for you. Today I am here going to give an answer in detail for all your questions, which may be circulating in your mind.

Today we are getting more prone to social media and prefer to make friends on social media account and chat with them instead of making friends in real life. One can find a bunch of social media platforms for chatting and socializing like friends book, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc. besides this, and many companies have also launched dating apps like Happn, TanTan, Quack Quack, and Tinder is one of them.

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If you are using Tinder, then you will seek some answers related to your account. In this post, I am going to discuss some more relevant questions which are being asked by the users continuously. \

Let’s begin with the post in the meanwhile you should read the post with focus as their will be lots of information which you may miss. 

What is Tinder?

There are several dating apps in the market, and Tinder is one of them. It is one of the best platforms where you can socialize with the new paper from different localities, and it also allows you to connect with a person who resides far away from your place.

Various features are being provided by the Tinder, some of them are available free of cost, while for some, you need to buy the premium package.

The thing that makes Tinder different is its unique swiping feature, while the other apps have the feature of scrolling, but Tinder allows you to swipe left and right for finding a match. 

What is a match on Tinder?

After you create your profile and open the account, you will see different profiles of persons who had their account on Tinder. Scroll up if you like the profile of someone, then you can swipe right, or if you do not like the profile, then you can simply swipe left. After the swipe, a new profile will come on the screen.

What is a match on Tinder ?
What is a match on Tinder?

Now, if you have swiped right to the photo of a person and the same person swipe right your photo to then, it will become a match. It means that you both like each other, and it allows you to chat with a particular person. A

ll newbies who are not very familiar with the Tinder may feel a bit confused, but slowly, you will become addicted to it. 

What is Super Like on Tinder?

A few times back, Tinder has added a new feature of super like in it to make the app more interesting. As the name says, it means the person likes you a lot and gives you special attention.

Many times it happens that you swipe right someone’s profile, but he or she doesn’t give proper tension. In such a case, you can super like the particular person profile so that he will receive a notification about your visit to their profile.

When you view any profile, you have seen that there is a small star-like symbol below the profile; to super like someone’s profile, you can simply tap on that star, and the person will receive a notification. The other way of doing super like is to swipe up the profile simply

If you super like someone’s profile, then there are chances that you may either create a positive impact or negative impact over the person, it may be possible that the other person will feel gratified that you have super liked him or her and give extra attention, while on the other hand, some can also feel that you are chasing them or just dragging their attention towards you. If you are a free user on Tinder, then you will receive only one super like per day. 

How will I know who has super liked me?

When the concept of super like came into existence, it becomes a kind of came and was one of the popular methods of sowing your presence to someone.

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There can be several chances that you might not receive the notification, or you did not get any idea that someone has super liked you. To check whether someone is applied your profile or not there are few methods which I am going to list down below:

How will I know who has super liked me
How will I know who has super liked me

1. Check your notification feed

Whenever you receive any super like from someone automatically, send you a notification that somebody super liked you. By tapping on the notification, you can simply discover the profile of that person.

After receiving the defecation, just go to the tinder app swipe some profiles, and then you will receive the super like a profile, which will have a blue outline border. This Blueline on his profile will show the person has super liked you. 

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2. Keep on swiping the profiles

If in case you are not open to the notifications on you have marked the tinder notifications off, then you are not going to get any super like notification. In this method, there is only one way to find out who super liked you by just simply swiping the profiles. Just take care that you swipe the profile slowly so that you can Spotify the blue star or blue border on the profile of a person who has super liked you. 

So there only these two methods to find out who has super liked your profile. If you also like the same person then you can swipe right, and it will become a match, you are open to chatting with the person, and of course, you can also organize a date maybe you will get your true life partner. Good Luck! 

What if I don’t find the person who has super liked me 

It is possible that due to any reason you do not find the person who super liked you, or maybe you have swipe left their profile in a hurry. You are seriously looking for a date, and then it will not be a bad idea to buy Tinder Plus membership. It will cost you somewhere 4.99 dollars. It will give you more features like unlimited likes, rewind option, one boost per month, 5 Super Likes per day, and more control over the profiles. If you don’t want to purchase the premium account, then the best idea is to make your notifications enabled so that whenever someone super like your profile, you will receive a notification. 

Taking has now become one of the most common ways of expressing feelings towards the among youth. Everyone has different purposes for using dating apps. Some use search apps to find a serious relationship while others just go for fun. It is up to you which kind of date you are looking for and use your Tinder as per your choice.

I hope that I have cleared the concept of super likes to you, and now you will be easily able to know about any super as you receive. If in any circumstances, you face any kind of difficulty confusion, you can simply contact us by commenting down below.

We will revert you with the solution as soon as possible. So what are you waiting to start finding a match on Tinder and see who is the best suitable date for you? 

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