Line Chat: How to Know If Someone has added you on Line App

Hello everyone! Are you on the Line app? Is this fun to interact with new people on the Line app? If you are also enjoying the app, then this post is for you. There can be few things from which you would not be aware, and we are here going to mention those topics.

We all love to chat with friends or to make new friends if you are also a line user, then you should know how to add friends on the app but do you know if someone has added you on Line app? if not then this post gives the details about this.

The line app provides you several methods, and by using them, you can simply add anyone in your friend list. Besides this, the major difficulty we all face is about knowing who has added you on Line. 

How to know if someone has added you on Line app

I think we all love to chat, right? And I am sure you will have more than 2-3 different chatting apps on your mobile. But are you completely aware of all of them? While using social media platforms, you must possess all of the basic and relevant information about the app you are using. Today, in this post I will tell you about the Line app. 

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So, these are some of the basic but important information which I am going to discuss in brief. It’s time to get fully aware of the app, and I recommend you to read the entire post so that you won’t miss any important information. 

What is the Line app? 

All those users who are new to Line or for those who don’t know about this app, it is a very common question for them. I am going to give a brief introduction to the Line app, and this will help you in increasing your knowledge. Line app is a messaging app that was created by the Japanese Tsunami in the year 2011.

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This app was made actually at the time of Tsunami when all communication channels are broken, so for communication, internet companies bring this app. After a year, the app got public and gained lots of popularity. I am sure you all are familiar with Facebook and Whatsapp. Line app is also offering the same features of chatting, sending stickers, emojis, etc. 

Features of the Line app

 Previously the Line app was only limited to the chatting, but now it is offering much more. Let’s have a look over its features, 

  • Chat online with friends 
  • Send emojis and beautiful stickers to express emotions
  • Call your friends 
  • Get update with the latest news
  • Make online mobile payments 
  • Enjoy entertainment 
  • Stream your favorite music
  • Order taxis and cabs
  • Get discount vouchers

What is Friend Recommendation on Line app

 Whenever any person searches for you, or you have mutual friends whom you know such profiles came into the friend’s recommendation section. In this column, you can also find the profiles which are completely new to you, but they have either looked for you or have more popularity over the Line app.

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The other reason for getting a friend recommendation of any profile can be linked to your Line Id. It is possible that either someone has put your ID in public groups or has given your personal information in the Groups. 

How to add friends on Line App

 It is one of the most asked questions, and there are lots of ways by which you can add friends. I am going to list down all methods below, have a close look over them;

1. You can add people through QR code

If you create a Line profile, you will automatically get a unique QR code for your profile. If you want to find your QR code, then you can simply follow these steps, 

  • Open Line App
  • Click on the “More” option
  • Tap on the option of QR code
  • Click on the option of My QR code at the bottom right corner 
qr code reader

After completing these steps, you will receive your QR code, and if you want someone to add, you then send a screenshot of this code to them or ask them to scan it. 

2. You can add people through their Line ID

You get the option of creating your unique Line ID. Whenever you want someone to add you, then share this ID with them, and they will easily find you. To allow others to add you via Line ID follow these steps, 

  • Open Line App
  • Click on settings 
  • In the My, Info section click on Edit Profile
  • There you will see an option of “Allow others to add me By ID.” 
  • Check the box in front of this option 

3. You can add people by searching them through their Phone number

It is one of the easiest and safest ways of making friends. If someone from your contact list is on Line App, then you will automatically get a notification about it. It will be on you whether you want to make that person your friend or not. If you want that no one from your contact list adds you through phone number, then follow below steps, 

friend search phone number
  • Go to the Line App
  • Click the icon of Add Friends on the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on the option of auto add friends
  • In heck the box, you see in front of the option, “Allow others to add me.” 

4. Add friends from the shared ID in group chats

 If someone has shared any Line ID or QR code to the public groups or on online websites, then you can simply add that person by particular ID. It advised that not to add unknown IDs, only add if you know the person in real life or professionally. 

5. Add friends by inviting them

 Line app also gives the option of inviting those who are in your contact list but are not using the Line app. When you click on the option of invite friends, you will make three recommendations by SMS, Email, or Share. All the invited friends will get a link to install Line App. 

6. Add friends by shake it option 

 It is the last method by which you can add friends to your Line chat. To add someone through this option follow below steps, 

  • Open Line app
  • Go to the section of Add Friends 
  • Click on the option of shake it at the top bar of your screen
shake it

When the other person also does the same thing, you both will get the name of that person on your screen. Now you can add each other and become friends. 

How to know if someone has added you on Line App.

 A person can use several methods to add you on their line app. If you want to know who has added you on the line app, then you need to visit the section of Friend recommendation. Anyone who adds you on Line will get their profiles in this section along with the method they have used to add you. There can be following possible ways of getting more recommendations, 

1. If you are continuously receiving unknown recommendations with the note “Added by QR code,” then there are chances that you have shared your QR code with someone who has spread it to others. 

2. If you are getting a notification with “Added you by Line ID,” then the possible way to stop it is either change your Line ID or ask the person with whom you have shared your ID. 

3. In case you want people to add you, then you can simply post your Line ID online by which people can easily add you, and you will receive a notification for that. Whenever a person adds you with Line ID, you will see a notification in the friends’ recommendation section. 

So, whatever the method they use to add, it will always be listed along with the recommendation. To know who has added, you have a careful look at the profiles you are getting in Friends recommendation. 

If you are a Line user, then it is always advisable that you should add your personal information carefully. Take care that you don’t make your mobile number visible to others. It will also be best not to share your QR code or Line ID to an unknown person. I think this is enough for now, so what are waiting to pick up your phone and see who has added you on Line chat. It’s time to make some new friends. Maybe you will get someone very special. If you like the post, then share it with your friends and family and make them aware of the facts. 

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