Best Telegram Groups Link Collection 2020

Ever saw your friends sharing a Telegram group link to you. The Invite Links offers you to join a group without the help of admin permission. It is the coolest feature of Telegram will bring to us, however, is it available for WhatsApp also , It enables the users to join a Telegram specific group by merely opening a link that redirects you to that particular group.

When I got a chunk of the group joins links in a group. I was surprised and said what it is?, After clicking the links, it was taken to a new group where there were many participants already added. Then, I understand that I had joined a group by their invitation link. After that, I had made a group and shared the link for fun purposes. It is also going easier by eliminating the manual adding process using the phone number.

Even, I searched this trick I have got it on the web, which is shared in this post. Also, share the large Telegram group link list for help telegram user to join more groups and connected to worldwide people. Are you excited, to get the huge list of a collection, if yes,  look below.

Some people are interested to join more Telegram Group chat. Don’t know why, but some of them make fun with new friends or want to share the business product to earn money or any else. So, we try to better cover all categories groups in this post. Such as public, Indian, engagement groups, etc.

Also, you can too share your own group Invites Link in the comment box. recommended you to check the Cryptocurrency Telegram Groups and Channels.

What is Telegram?

Many of you know about the Telegram, but many people want to know about the Telegram. Telegram is a cloud-based social networking messaging app which is available for all devices (smartphones and PC’s). Telegram is a unique application of its type; it was not like other instant message apps like whatsapp, we chat and more. A telegram has billions of users worldwide, and that is because of its feature.

We all are living in a modern world, and everyone wants to become current, this is the reason people choose the featureless things where Telegram fits the best in the line. Telegram is the only app which is a cloud storage app we can log in it on more than one device and use it, whereas we can’t use another app like this.

What is the Telegram Group?

According to the telegram, official site telegram groups are the best way for building communities. Any telegram user makes unlimited no of a group.

But there are two types of group available one is Basic (Normal ) and the other is Super. But in the security purpose, another two categories available one is public and the other is private.

Supergroup vs Normal group

If you are using Telegram than you know about a group, the group you are using is a primary group that has a maximum of 10,000 users per group. There are some groups which need to have about more than thousands of people which is not possible in a regular group, here supergroups come.

A supergroup is a group which has a limit of 1 lakh users in a single group, which is maximum than any other instant message group. If the group is maximum, there was a requirement of supergroups so that no need to make different groups. The user can discuss a single group.

Guide To Make a Telegram Group Chat

In this section, I have made a group on my android device. So here I share proper steps.

  • Open the telegram app on your smartphone, which you are using. Now, Click on 3 dot pencil icon then next page choose New Group Icon.
  • Now Write The Group name and add some participants, then hit on [√ ] TICK mark.

Simple Guide Make Telegram Group Link

If you have a group on telegram than you can also create a group invite link then share them. Below we have mentioned steps to create a telegram group link.

  • Click on the group Name option in a telegram. Next click on Add Member Option
  • After That, There is an option Invite to a group via the link, tap on it. Now you have generated your invitation link, copy and share the link.

Way of Join Telegram Group Chat Via Invite Link?

There is a lot of group link shown above. First set you to mind which categories you want . then follow the below step to join telegram.

  • Click Join Link, It will redirect and open a new page.
  • After a few seconds, it will say to select an application.
  • Simply, tap on the telegram Apps.
  • It will ask to join the group, simply click on the Join Group button.
  • Well, Finished You have joined that group and it will appear in front of you.

Now, you can repeat this process again and again to telegram invite links and join any groups without any limit. Isn’t it a simple method Yes, it is.

Make Basic Group to Super Group

Before going to make a supergroup you need a basic group. Just After making basic group ¹ you see the three-dot line. Click on that line, next you see like a screenshot. Take action like the below screenshot.

Then, it says a confirmation message “This action is irreversible. it is not possible to downgrade a supergroup to a regular group ” hit on OK button. That’s Done.

What Type Categorie Is search By Must user

There are millions of daily active user on the telegram, means there are many groups on the telegram. If we search for a telegram group and links, there are many groups on different topics available on it, and daily many new groups created. Some must searched category is.

  1. Funny
  2. Social
  3. Science
  4. News
  5. Epaper
  6. Technology
  7. Beauty
  8. Fashion
  9. Jokes
  10. Adult 18+

Features of Telegram group

Telegram groups link something interesting because of their exciting features. Let us share some cool features below.

1. Reply In a chat we always reply every message, to make a reply properly users can select the message of which response they want to give, and after selecting tap on the reply icon above the screen then you can reply to the other person by awarding them that this is the reply of the selected message.

2. Mentions In a group there are a lot of peoples let them know that you are sending messages for him; to mention someone writes @ then his name this will say the other person’s named on the chat.

3.Pin Message This feature only available on the supergroup. The admins can inform all members about new news using pinned messages. It will be displayed at the top of the chat screen.

4.Invite Links Group invites link feature inbuilt on telegram apps. Create invite links and share with your friends to app more participants.

5.Tools An admin panel available on these apps. It helps to maintain the group. The admins will be able to add new users, manage messages, block members, edit group info, etc. [no_toc]

The Advantage of using Group Invite link

There are many definite advantages of the telegram group link. You can also create your telegram group link and takes the benefits. Some of the benefits are.

  • It is an easy way to connect with any group, and you can find a group invitation link from the internet.
  • There is no need to ask to take permission from the admin, and you can connect with a telegram group by tapping a link.
  • It doesn’t contain any ads or redirects you to other website, and it’s a proper connecting link.
  • It is useful for business promotion or advertisement of any product
  • You can make an audience for making them aware of an idea or organization
  • Let some big organizations come to know about you and your design or product.
  • You can make friends who are far away from you and always connect with them to interact with each other.
  • Everyone can share ideas and views on a topic, and these groups provide us with excellent knowledge.


telegram group link infographic
telegram group link infographic

How do obtain telegram groups link?

If you’re the creator ( Admin) of the group, Open your group profile Next Click on add member option, After the next window, invite group via the link will show.

Can Telegram Group be made Channel?

For now, it’s not possible. You can make a group a super group. But you can’t make a group to channel.

How can I promote my telegram group?

There you two ways to promot your telegram group one is Free and the other is paid. In Free, you share your Invite Link with social media and some forum site but If choose Paid option you need to spend money to grow your group.

How can I change a channel into a group on Telegram?

For now, this is not possible. You cannot change your channel in a group. But I suggest that you create a new group and share the invite link through your channels. It helps to increase member quickly.

Disclaimer Note :-

If you have face any issue to join any Group, due to its full of the participant. Then write your telegram mobile number on the comment box. I sure add this person to this group which they have a need.

Other things, if you have seen any group link, is expired then comment below.I will add new Telegram chat rooms.Because this post is added new category link weekly and an old group deleted.

So, Friends, this was the post about Telegram Group Invite Link collection for all Telegram users; it can take approximately 300+ group links. I think these are not enough for our visitors. Well don’t worry; I am adding more Telegram public groups next week. This post is like a playground for all Telegram peoples; they can enjoy up to three hundred active groups through this collection.

If you have any groups and want to make it public, and then use the comment box your telegram group invites link below. I sure the comment is approved but, not share your telegram channels link.

If you have any groups and want to make it public, and then simply use the comment box your telegram group invite link below. I sure the comment is approved but, not share your telegram channels link.

we are not affiliated with a telegram . All telegram groups are collected from a different source, in fact, they are completely public.  joining a group it’s totally your own risk. If anything happens in that group we are not to be responsible. 

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