8 Best Telegram music Bot in 2020

 Music is an art form and expresses the emotion by use the musical instrument. Also music is a way of entertainment and produced sound which are like by people. So must of people like to listening music. When we talk about the telegram, a bot is taken main rule and it help to user friend. So guys in this post we share a new idea about best telegram music bots. Which help to user download music directly without search on the web? Also a telegram music bots are given lot of features which are write below.

Telegram Music bot

Next, time we share the best music telegram channels but, you can find only best telegram music bot. This post dedicated to telegram as well as music lover, which are waste time to get music telegram bots.

Best Telegram music Bots 2020[themify_hr color=”red”]

#1) VK Music bot

The Vk  Music bot is take first position for all of them .This bot help you to find listen and download any songs! Just send any artist and song names bot will find music for you .So it is my favorite music bot telegram.

Available Command:-

  • /song — search by song title
  • /artist — search for artist name
  • /setlang — change language
  • /settings — change settings

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#2) FindMusicPleaseBot

This is a  music bot! We’ve here find unlimited number of music just simple tap its name. Now FindMusicPleaseBot is there for you. Just type the title of the song and either listen to it directly on Telegram or download it.

You can also type performers’ names and see what the bot has to offer to you with its download link.

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#3) GetMusic Bot

GetMusicBot can search music in SoundCloud and send in a message + download audio or video from YouTube. You can search music in SoundCloud and send it to you as file or audio.Also I can search video in YouTube and download audio from it or send you a link to download video.

Available commands:

  • /sc — Command to search music by “some text” in SoundCloud “/sc some text to search” also works.
  • After that, you can send me the number of a song to download it after search.
  • /next – Get the next page of search result (after /sc)
  • /stop — Stop auto search for all incoming messages.
  • /start — Start auto search for all incoming messages. (Even without /sc prefix).
  • /ytvideo — Get a direct link to youtube video.
  • /yts — Search text in YouTube.
  • /yt — Download audio from YouTube video-file.
  • /cancel — Cancel current operation.
  • /rate — Rate me please 🙂
  • /feedback — Send feedback.
  • Now I will search music for all incoming text.

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#4) Spotify Bot

Listen to your favorite music, read the lyrics and share it! You can save it on your Spotify bot.

Available command

Hi, welcome!\write to me the name of a song to have the preview login on spotify to have all functionalities enabled, and faster responses?

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#5) Bing Music Bot

Bing Music Bot bot Telegram helps to search the web, including popular sites like YouTube, Vevo, LyricFind, and more — just enter a song title and artist.

By using this bot, you agree to the Microsoft Privacy Statement and Microsoft Services Agreement.

Available Command

Hi, I’m Bing Music Bot. I can help you search for music videos and lyrics results.

For example, try:

– adele hello

– adele hello lyrics

– you may say I’m a dreamer

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#6) Friday

A General Purpose Bot , helping you to do daily tasks like Downloading Songs , Reading Jokes, Search Queries , etc.

Available command

  • /joke -for a random joke
  • /meme -for a random meme
  • /flip -for flipping a coin
  • /quote -for a random Quote
  • /shorten -URL for shortening a URL
  • /expand -SHORTURL for expanding a URL
  • /wiki -KEYWORD for a searching keyword
  • /news -Sends you latest news articles
  • /song -SONGNAME for sending song to you
  • /video- VIDEONAME for sending Youtube Video to you with that name
  • /ytd -LINK for downloading youtube video video
  • /rate -for Rating Our Bot
  • /contact -MESSAGE to send message to Bot Master
  • /suggest-SUGGESTION to suggest anything.

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#7) Bandtraq Bot

This is the official bot of the music portal Bandtraq.com and mainly focus to use Russian music lover . In it you will be able to: get musical recommendations; see new videos and releases of bands; see new videos and releases in different musical styles.

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#8) Scdlbot

Hi! I download and send audios from videos/tracks/sets/albums in MP3 128 kbps with tags and artwork. Files over 50 MB are split into parts due to Telegram Bot API limit.

Available commands:

Send or forward a text message containing links and I will:

  • In Download mode: download every link I support (or use /dl <links>)
  • In Links mode: show direct download URLs for every link (or use /link <links>)
  • In Ask mode: scan for supported links and ask you to choose download or links
  • Use /settings to select mode for messages without command, sane defaults are Download for PM and Ask for groups.
  • Use /settings to toggle Flood: send audios with spam caption and as replies.
  • Privacy mode (https://core.telegram.org/bots#privacy-mode) is disabled, so I scan every group message.
  • Supported links and resources:
  • SoundCloud: tracks/playlists/pages with private widgets
  • Bandcamp: tracks/albums/custom links
  • YouTube: videos/playlists/not lives

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I sure you must find the best telegram music bot in this post .If you free then write your feedback through comment box . Finally Friends thanks for visiting

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