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Before some time it was an imagination of a feature where we can do instant messengers for free over a long distance. When Email created, it was a best online system which creates data sending work easier. But now there is a user cheer instant message app available for smartphones which are Telegram. Telegram is an app where we can send or receive text, images, videos, files and many new features can found here.

So, what is a public group? A public group is a group which has no restrictions and open to the public. On telegram, there are several Public group available where users can do a talk on any topic or a role and provide their views or opinion. When an admin creates a telegram group, he chooses to keep the group Public or Private. On a private group only selected contacts to get added on the group, but in a telegram public group anyone can connect with the group. Using the direct connecting link any user can connect with telegram group which are open for the public.

Telegram public groups

Type Of Group

There is a varied group on the telegram, these groups are of the different genre, if we search for a famous group we find these groups are the public group and open for all.

Super Group

On 13 March 2016 telegram give an update in which they tell to increase the limit from 1000 to 5000 on their supergroup Which is five times more. Supergroup admin informs their group members from pinned messages which get displayed on the top of the group when a member get inline he read the pinned message send by supergroup admin.

Public Group

From 13 March 2016, any Supergroup can become a public group which means free for all, and without restrictions.

Short Meaning

public iconA supergroup also gets the feature of a short link, in which they can shorten their link which is easy to share and open their group immediately.These all features are only available for Supergroups. The supergroup is Public groups which are open for all.

Benefits of Public Group

  • A Public group is open to all, and any user can easily connect with a public group without the permission of the admin.
  • A user can give their views and opinions without any nervousness. User views are essential for a topic.
  • It provides more personal interaction.
  • If the group is open user drive focused and attention to reply.
  • Anyone can ask their question and raised their query.
  • Easy sharable and regularly get a new topic to start a discussion.

Telegram Public Groups Link


Freinds Tamilnadu JOIN
International Freinds JOIN
Art World JOIN
Design Ocean JOIN


Telegram public group are groups which are open for all, no rules or conditions followed on such groups anyone can give their views on the public group. All the data provided on the page is collected from the best source and reviewed. You can ask your question below in the comment section.

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