Telegram Stickers Collection

Telegram Stickers is the way to share our thought and experience to our friends without using any word or letter. So a sticker is very important for a telegram user. If you are a telegram user then must know the demand for stickers telegram.

Also, you had spent much time to search for stickers on the internet, but you can’t find the correct information on one blog. To find your proper stickers you can search and jump from one blog to another blog or website. So, Guys, I understand your problem to fix this I will share the  stickers telegram collection at once place.

The telegram developer inbuilt some stickers in the official apps, but people want to add more stickers. So People try to search a custom telegram stickers from the web. I don’t know why but l think people always wanted to funny with their friends, so they need unlimited stickers.

stickers Telegram collection

What is a telegram stickers?

First a question comes to our mind what is stickers. If we express our feelings or emotions with animated type pictures that is called stickers.

A collection image makes together and make a link by sticker’s bot and provided a stickers link. I am thankful to the developer which gives such type of feature on the app also telegram developer increase the group limit participant 1000 expect to 30000. 

What is a stickers pack?

Stickers are the most famous thing on every messaging app now. If you will talk to any body and want to express your feelings then these stickers and emojis are the best medium to express your feelings. As you can see on WhatsApp, they also give us now feature of stickers on their app. But on it has limited and it can’t fulfill most of users requirements.

But these are not enough for users but on the other hand on telegram have best feature, there you can add stickers through links and also create your own sticker according to your needs and all stuff are stored on the cloud. So it can’t consume your phone storage as WhatsApp and hike types messaging apps, these are consumed and fill your phone memory space to store stickers and data. It also affects your phone performance.

How do you add stickers on telegram

You can add stickers on telegram in three-way one is an app, the second one is stickers channels and the final is on the web. First, two option is easy to add telegram stickers but in our blog rule provided below.

  • Scroll down you see a lot of stickers link in categories wisely.
  • Choose any telegram categories and hit on button icon.
  • Now you can find the telegram icon and name.
  • Just tap the stickers, and it redirects to the new window and shows multiple apps.
  • Simple choose telegram apps and hit “ADD TELEGRAM .” That’s Done!

Another way, Adding new sticker on your account is a very easy task. You can search & find telegram stickers links on Google and I also mention link below, there are lots of stickers available.

Romantic Follower ADD
Heart ADD
Dragon BallADD

Telegram Stickers Categories 

Friends, now we shared the considerable list of telegram stickers packs link, which helps to add the telegram to apps. Looks below you can see a lot of stickers in proper category format. Choose your catalog and add it to the apps!

Funny-Fun is the part of life. Many people’s want to happy life and enjoy their life in the fun with friends and family members. Some telegram user wants to fun with friends. So this criterion is most suitable. If you have the interest to join Telegram fun group , then use the red link.

Cute-Cute is the sweet word? We use the cute boy, cute girl, and a cute puppy in your daily life.  Just look that to add them.

Love help to express your feeling to your best wishes like girlfriend/ Boyfriends, father mother and family member. Just look below and you find more attractive cool, bird, and heart icon.

Anime Animal is the part of god creation. So we love to all anime and vice versa. If you interested to used anime stickers telegram like puppy , cow , buffalo, tiger then you can find here.

Romantic romantic mode is change your depress mind to happy. Yes you here write! So The romantic stickers for telegram is useful for a romantic person.

Cat-Remember my childhood time, I read a song. “Pussycat, pussycat Where have you been? I’ve been up to London To visit the Queen.”…..etc. Now, this rhyme comes to my mind so I share the lovely cat icon for you .

kiss-When you kiss with any kid or baby then a happy feeling enter to our mind. So a kiss is a pure love language which is used to show up our love felling.

Couple-After marriage both the person we says couple. If you’re looking for something about couple then you can find here some telegram couple stickers.

Furry-Furry are a term which is used by furry friends. If you’re such type of user we provided the only for you. In these criteria, we see a lot of telegram furry emoji  in a different ways icon. Such as bird furry, fox furry, animal furry, female furry etc.

Stickers vs Emoji

The best way to express our feelings or emotions in social media without using a word is emoji or stickers. We all are acquainted with emoji. We always use to make our chatting easier. Really it is the best way to express our feelings.

We are a maximum time in our work. So in a busy life, we have no time to type a lengthy sentence. We want to express our feelings in a short way. So stickers and emoji are the best way to communicate.

Telegram Emoji Vs Stickers

We always prefer it on chatting. There are so many types of emoji on the telegram. You can easily use them as your choice. Without using a single word you can chat with your friends on the telegram.

Stickers and emoji are both helpful to us. We can use both as our choice. But a question is here which is best between stickers and emoji. So to know this we have to know the difference between both.


Emoji comes to telegram app with categories wise like a smiley, building, flowers, the national flag of various countries, musical instruments, hey hello etc. You can put them in your chatting with a line which is same as the word. They are small in size as compared to the sticker.


A sticker is large in size. You can’t use them in the parallel line with words. Stickers are more beautiful than emoji to look. But while chatting we use more smiley. It is easy to use emoji also. So i think it will be better to use emoji instead of stickers.

Create your stickers and sell them to telegram

On the telegram have some good features like you can create your own sticker according to you and sell them but on other platform doesn’t offer these type things.

On others, platforms like WhatsApp and hike only have strikers that are created by its developers and on telegram, you can create any sticker and send to the developers of telegram but they accept only high-quality stickers.

They accept 512×512 pixels stickers and they also pay for it. Many freelancers and designers are selling their creativity to him and if they like your bundles of stickers, they purchase them. If you are a freelancer or graphic designer so this is really good news for you. You can simply contact them by using conversion sticker bot .

If you want to send them stickers so it must be high quality and good, because the stickers are also talked about someone’s feelings, so if your stickers do not have good quality then they will reject your work.

way to use telegram stickers on WhatsApp

If you want to use telegram stickers on WhatsApp then it is a lengthy process but not difficult. So read these instructions carefully. If you miss anyone step then maybe this is not work on WhatsApp.

First, you have to get sticker pack link and download stickers on your telegram so follow these steps.

  • You need to download stickers on telegram first.
  • Go to the telegram app and open it and tap on the three horizontal line that is before telegram icon.
  • Now after a tap on it, slide menu visible here click on setting button.
  • Now scroll down and find and click on stickers and mask button.
  • Here you will find some stickers so now click on three dots icon button.
  • Now some options pop-up, here tap on copy link.
  • Now come on again home screen and click on the search icon and write sticker download bot.
  • When you find it click on it and open conversation.
  • On this chat window, you will get some option in the below.
  • Now the bot sends you a message and asks you to select the output format of the stickers. So here you have to select webp format only.
  • Now paste their sticker link that you copied.
  • Now bot will send you a message that is ‘your pack will be available soon’ so then your stickers pack available and you get message to download. Then download stickers zip file.
  • The downloaded file will find on telegram download document folder.
  • Now unzip the folder.
  • Now you have to find and download app that is called ‘personal sticker for WhatsApp’.
  • Once this app is installed on your phone.
  • Now select all stickers and move them on the one folder.
  • Now open again ‘personal sticker for whatsapp’ and here you will find all sticker that you added.
  • Now click on ‘ADD’ button. Now you can use sticker on your whatsapp chat.

Note :-If your file manager doesn’t support unzip so you need to download ‘es file manager’ app and install it on your device to unzip the folder.


Telegram stickers info graphic

Benefits of the telegram stickers

If you don’t know the advantages of telegram stickers you will not be interested to use this. So to help you i want to inform you the advantages of this .

We are not ready to type a long messages in sentence. Because we are busy with our works. We have no time for chatting with a long sentence. We always prefer short process or short methods. So the easiest and shortest way to share your feelings and emotions is sticker. Through the sticker we can express our feelings with friends. I think it is the best way.

  • You can express your feelings on more creative and effectively.
  • This is more understanding as compared to emoji
  • The telegram stickers and data stores on the cloud but on the others app all data is stored on the phone that is occupied your phone minority and sometimes your phone getting slow by storing these types data.
  • You can create your own custom stickers for your personal use. It is easily available for everyone and it’s load very fast and easy to find

Friends, in this post you find a lot of stickers telegram in different categories wise. we collected a lot of stickers from many sources so our team member is struggling with a lot of an effort to share such type of post. if you want to share your own stickers then just use the comment box and share your custom stickers.

We quickly add to the post as soon as possible. Lastly, says thanks for visiting. Keep visiting more for getting new stickers

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