What are the positive and negative effects of social media?

Social media is an integral part of our daily life. It changed the way of living. Obviously you are active on social sites. Do you want to know what is positive and negative effects of social media?

Of course, as a user of social app, you are interested to know the effects of these networking sites.

You agree with us that it is vast and wide. You can get everything from the sites. Simply you are living with those.

Technology has taken us closer to the world. Now we are not far away from anyone. Social media is giving you a chance to interact with anyone from the globe.

Social networks have concurred all over the world. It is ruling all people. Globally we all are active with Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram, Twitter, telegram, YouTube, emails, snapchat, and many more apps.

It has decreased the distance for communication. From social media, we get a lot of things that give us entertainment, knowledge, education, and fun.

Now a day is not imaginative without a social app. You will get mad without this. It binds us with an attachment.

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We all use social media. But you don’t think about its negativity. You are busy with this. So, friends, it is time to know everything about its effects.

It may save your life from something wrong. It will awake you to receive the positivity. Let’s know.

History of social media?

The way of exchange thoughts and messages has been changed. We are rapidly changing our commutation process.

Technically we are changing our lifestyle. First, when email was invented in 1975 it started social networking sites.

So Email is the first social media you can think. It changes the way of connection. It allows people to remain in contact with friends, relatives, and family.

In 2005 Yahoo and YouTube launched. In 2006 Facebook the most popular social app created. Twitter also launched this year.

The most popular messaging app WhatsApp launched as a social app in 2009.

In 2010 Pinterest, a photo-sharing website launched. At the same time instagram the famous photo and video sharing app also invented.

You may know so many social apps like a telegram, Viber, line, we chat, snapchat, etc. These are launched between 2005 to 2015.

What is the role of social media in daily life?

You are well known for social media. You are using at least three social apps if you have a Smartphone.

It is necessary to live life with the latest updates. Otherwise, you will not get important news and information happening all around the world.

Social media is playing a vital role to increase knowledge. It is knowledge-based.

It gives you full entertainment also. It is a time pass material. If you have social media your all friends are on your smartphone.

You can talk to them anytime and video calls them. You can express your inner qualities throughout the media status.

I think the media makes us more smart and intelligent. You are now updated. Am I right friends? Yes, it is the secret.

You are now more extrovert than your teenage. Social networking sites are giving you opportunities to live your life stylish and latest trends.

Positive and Negative effects of social media

You knew all information about social media sites. Do you know it has only a positive impact? Does it have no negative points?

In every technical feature, there are both advantages and disadvantages. These are both sides of a coin.

If these are a plus point, in the same there is a minus point also. Otherwise, it will not balance.

Are you excited to know the impacts of social networking sites?

Don’t get upset. I am going to post you the advantages and disadvantages of social app.

Just relax and cool down. Sit down on a chair and read the full post carefully. You shouldn’t miss any content from here.

I am sure it will be helpful for you. You can be aware of this. You will know what bad impact it has on your life.

Positive Effects

positive effect

In technical tools, you will get more benefit than loss. There are so many possibilities in social media.

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You will get full benefits from the site. Let’s discuss what are the positive effects of social media.

1) Gives Entertainment and Fun

Social media is full of entertainment and enjoyment. From social media, you will get all your entertainment.

Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram, telegram all social media are for entertainment purposes. You can stay connected with your friends and family members.

You can start a new journey with exchanges of thought. You have the opportunity to exchange messages through texts, videos, images, stories, stickers, etc.

You know it gives a chance to do video and audio calls. You can make group calls. It is really awesome.

2)Enhance communication and connection

Social networking sites decrease the distance. It takes you closer to the world. You can easily communicate with your friends.

You don’t need to go for miles for smiles. You can contact your friends through social media.

It is a good platform for communication. All can stay connected with your dear one.

Video call and audio calls are positive points of social media. It gives satisfaction and pleasure.

3) Get knowledge and information

From social media, you will get full benefits. It gives you knowledge and information. You can learn many things.

News and information happening in the world will be in your mobile.

You can read news feeds on Facebook. In Twitter, you can follow celebrities. It is a good experience.

You can get study materials from social sites. It will increase your knowledge.

4)Develop Business and Marketing

For business and marketing, social media plays a vital role. It is a good platform to promote your business.

Everyone is on social networking sites. So you can advertise your products on the site.

This will give you success in your marketing.

Negative effects of social media

Sometimes you feel upset when you have not charged your mobile. Because you are unable to operate social media.

You got mad about this. Actually it is not your problem. It is the bad effect of the app.

1)Mental Depression

When you stay online on social sites for maximum time you feel mental pressure.

You will not feel good at all. Your eye contact only is on mobile. You don’t know what happened in your surroundings.

You will be away from your family members and relatives. It will be habitual for you.

It will take you towards depression. You love to post emotional status.

You don’t have time to live freely. Because you are busy with your chatting.

2)Health issues

Spending maximum time on social media gives you health problems. You can face serious diseases.

Because you are trying to stay online all the time. You are not giving time for your health. It is probably a serious issue.

You are not sleeping at nights. You are asleep till late at night. These are of bad quality.


Generally, you fill your profile data in any social app where you sign up. Sometimes you give your data and information.

In social media, you don’t know who is in your opposite. You don’t know who is chatting with you.

Nowadays cybercrime is increasing. They are stealing your personal details and hack your account.

You faced a lot of problems. You lose your data. They can blackmail you.

4)Social media is like a drug

Once you take drugs you cannot leave it. Like this, once you joined social networking sites you will not leave it.

There is a strong connection. You will attach it to this. Always anxiety will come to your mind.

You will try to open your social app always. There will be an expectation that what your friends are commenting on your photo.


We have the thinking power. We know what is wrong and what is right. We know the advantages of social media.

So don’t go towards its negative side. Just grasp the positivity. You can easily acquire knowledge and news from the sites.

Here I posted you both the advantages and disadvantages of social networking. I hope you understand.

Thank you for reading my article on the positive and negative effects of social media.

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