What is the Meaning of 💛 yellow heart on Snapchat

Hey friends, if you are here that means you want to know about Meaning of 💛 Yellow heart on snapchat. So in this post, you will get all the information which will clear your doubts, and you also learn something more which you can tell your friends.

Snapchat is a popular application which is used to share snap with your friends. It is an easy to use app which is used to view live stories and events shared by your friends. Snapchat is used all around the world. It increases creativity if you share your life moments with others.

Coloryellow, Gold
Applicationsnapchat,whatsapp, instagram
Unicode U+1F49B

Meaning Of 💛 Yellow Heart?

Yellow-heart emoji, 💛 means to show you your love in friends.
But do not use for romantic purpose, only use for friendship purpose.

It is also like a other heart symbol or emoji, but its yellow color only use show liking and friendship .

Snapchat Meaning

The famous Yellow Heart, which is only available on Snapchat, means “You and your friend are the best friends with each other. You have shared the most snap with them, and your friends have sent the most snap to you.

Which did Time use 💛 on Whatsapp?

On Whatsapp, a new friend is chat with you, you like very much then this time use 💛 emoji on the chat section show your happiness, friendship and the joy of life.

Example Of 💛 in English

1. I love my sweet Friends 💛 2. I Love 💛 Lots . 3. You are my best 💛 friend 4. No, anyone compare 💛 with you.

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Example Of 💛 in Hindi

१ .दोस्त आपके लिए 💛, २.दोस्त आप एशिका💛 हकदार हों , ३ . तेरी मेरी दोस्ती कभी नही तोटेगी 💛 .

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I sure you got the correct meaning of 💛 a yellow heart. if you think this is not written just fill-up the comment box and share your thought.

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