100+ WhatsApp Dare Games, Whatsapp Puzzles Question and Answer

Whatsapp dare and puzzle game : Today we are living with technology and using social media as a major part of our lives. I know all you are on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram But the safest and private media is Whatsapp. We are associated with close friends and dear friends, family and office staff. We are giving messages all the time of the day. We are sharing our emotions, emotions in whatsapp.

Sending images and general messages are old fashion. So I know that you want to try to share something new and whatsapp puzzles. Do you know what is the new thing to share in WhatsApp? Yes, this is Whatsapp game. You want to send it to your loved one. It is very interesting to ask courage and find answers.

You know the features and methods of using whatsapp if don’t read this site .Now Whatsapp is more familiar than other social networks not only use officially but also use individually. So, this is the most famous communication app. We are using this with groups or individuals. These days the messaging style has changed. We are not in the limelight that we only send general messages and pictures to Whatsapp.

Trends are different. We want to have fun We want to know the feelings of opposition That’s why we are demanding a message from WhatsApp. With fun, mixing emotions, we need our answers as well. We want to share whatsapp puzzle games. It will be new and gives some courage to solve it. There are variations of WhatsApp messages for kids, friends, employees, cousins, relatives and family.

People love to try something new. Now WhatsApp is a popular and powerful social media used by large numbers of users. There are so many WhatsApp lovers those who want to share WhatsApp dare and puzzle game messages. I know you are one of them. You love to attend and share puzzles games in whatsapp to your family, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, cousin etc.. Most of the young stars love to send funny messages in whatsapp. Now a days young generation boys and girls it is the best way to spend your time with whatsapp truth and dare game messages. You can use it so you will be able to send it to your friends to solve. Just enjoy your life using whatsapp new trends dare and puzzle game messages.

I know you have already searched WhatsApp dare and puzzle questions answer game to share your friends. So for you we have collected so many WhatsApp dare game messages.Giving stress to your choice doing hard work you came to you with dare and puzzle game for your whatsapp. A huge collection we have for you my friends. Just copy our WhatsApp dare and puzzle game messages and paste it in your whatsapp to whom you love more.

Always question answers game are interesting. You want to ask romantic funny questions to your lover. An interesting answer may come which will make you happy. You can choose and share it to anywhere you want to share. It’s not restricted that you will use it only in whatsapp. You may send and share it to others social sites like instagram, Facebook etc..

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Now it is the time to share whatsapp dare games. Because sending images and jokes get old. Everyone wants something new to do. Whatsapp dare games are very entertaining and enjoyable. So many varieties of collections are available here. You can choose one of them for your kids also. Sometimes dare and puzzle game messages might come to your whatsapp and you have replied it happily.

In the same time, a question may arise in your mind that from where they are getting this type of entertaining and interesting dare game messages in whatsapp. You need the same. So no need to get worried. We have worthy ked here for you. Your every demand will be fulfilled from here. We have shared whatsapp dare and puzzle game with answers. You can use it easily. So use and enjoy our WhatsApp dare and puzzle game messages.

WhatsApp dare messages

Dare question select one of the hearts given below. I will say you what is in your heart. So first choose one and send to me i will give you answer later. So select one heart fast.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]












  1. you want to propose to your dear one but feeling nervous.
  2. you want to get married soon.
  3. you think you are the most beautiful one, no need to get worried for love.
  4. you love your best friend but don’t want to say.
  5. you love to your first crush still now, want to propose once.
  6. want to kiss your lover.
  7. you are heartbroken, you are hating everyone.
  8. you like to go for a honeymoon trip.
  9. you love the most to your dear and near one.
  10. thinking always about your lover.
  11. you love to reject every one thinking as a beautiful one.

Did you get a smile on your face? Yes, of course, you got it. You are entertained by getting the answers from your loving one. So read our WhatsApp dare and puzzle game messages more and enjoy your moment.


Select one number from below. I will say your personality. Do you believe? No.. Then select one, you will believe.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]












00-you are so secretive.

11-most romantic one but don’t want to show.

22-you are so confusing person.

33-you are a laborious person. Your hard work is your power.

44-such a laziness person.

55-your luck always brings you success.

66-you are a flirter. You don’t want to love.

77-helpful and kind-hearted man.

88-you are a crazy person. You are so entertaining.

99-a true lover and most caring person.

Is it enjoyable? Yes, that should be. Ask your friends they will give you reply how they are excited to get the answers. It is entertaining for both. You want to know an answer and they want also.


WhatsApp funny game


Select any one letter from the given below. I will say what are you thinking about me. So at first send me your select letter. Let’s see what are you thinking my backside.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]
  1. A
  2. E
  3. I
  4. O
  5. U


A-I wants to kill you.

E-I can’t live without you. Be mine forever.

I-I hate you. You are my idiot’s friends.

O-For you I can do anything, you are such a good friend I have.

U-I am just using you for my benefit. I don’t love you at all.


WhatsApp crazy dare Messages

I want to ask some questions to you. Actually, for your details and what you feel for me, I need to know. So give the answers honestly. Your answers are valuable for me. So please reply fast.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]

1) What do you feel for me?

2)  Am I suitable for you?

3)  What is your dream for me?

4) What are the good thing and worst thing in me?

5) How do i look in your eyes?

6) Have you ever cheated to anybody?

7) What do you think for your future?

8) Who is your first crush?

9) Which movie do you want to watch with me for the first time?

10) What will you do for me?

See, what is coming in reply from your lover. That will make you emotional. You will be able to know the feelings what is going in your partner heart. So share this whatsapp dare message to your bf or gf.


Whatsapp fun dare message

Please choose one of the below blood groups. I will tell you how is your nature. Do you think so then forward to your friends.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]









AB+: Attractive

AB-: A Lovely person

B+: Always helpful to anyone

O+: Very innocent, but so intelligent.

O-: So boring.

A+: Hard working and self confidence person.

A-: So unique style.

Your blood group is saying your nature. When your friends select the blood group they have they will smile. So enjoy and share.


Naughty whatsapp dare game for friends

Select any one letter from A to Z and have a dare but be careful you have to do that. First promise then select. Send me yours selected letter. Reply must.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.


A-send me your worst pic.

B-keep my photo as your dp for 24 hours.

C-tell me something you wanted to say me but you could not.

D-Write i love you with my name in your status.

E-send me your crush photos.

F-what are your feelings for me?

G-send me your bf or gf number.

H-keep our combined photo in your dp.

I-send me a voice note saying to me with my name as i miss you.

J-tell me anything that you never told to anyone.

K-send a video clip saying me i love you.

L-keep your partner photo in status as caption i hate you.

M-put your status as saying i am mad.

N-recharge my mobile 200/-

O-give me a party.

P-tell me how many lover you have.

Q-dont talk to with your lover for one day.

R-send me a pic in your cutest one.

S-give me your mobile for 2 days.

T-say your any silly mistakes.

U-to whom you kissed for first time.

V-what name is my number saved in your mobile.

W-tell me your deepest pain you have ever.

X-what is secret in your relationship?

Y-have you cheated ever?

Z-what is your pet name at your home?

Your friend replies will make you happy. If they will change their dp status then you are the most lovable person. So many secrets will come that you never listen. I know you will make fun. So share it.


WhatsApp dare game for lovers

Who Am I For You? Select One answer, I’ll Tell You The Meaning.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]









Red= You love me.

Blue= Good Friends.

White = Time Pass.

Black = Best Friends.

Pink= You Need Me.

Purple = Addict to Me.

Yellow = Can’t Live Without Me.

Your partner will laugh. Both will enjoy the dare message. So use and enjoy our WhatsApp dare games with your lovers.


WhatsApp interesting dare game

Choose 3 letters given below. I will say what will your partner give you for the first time. Reply must. Very interesting.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]
  1. B. C. D. E. F.G. H. I. J. K. L.M. N. O. P. Q. R.
  2. T. U. V. W. X.Y. Z.


  1. Romance
  2. Rose
  3. Deep Kiss
  4. Message
  5. Blessing
  6. Tight hug
  7. Sweet
  8. Money
  9. Respect
  10. Child
  11. Freedom
  12. Perfums
  13. Happiness forever
  14. Hurt
  15. Care
  16. Freindship
  17. Gift
  18. Lots of Love
  19. Love 4 Ever
  20. Tension
  21. Tears
  22. Pain
  23. Banglow
  24. Flowers
  25. Chocolate
  26. Love

Whatsapp dare question Game

Select any one number from 1 to 20. So I will ask that number of questions to you. Reply it honestly.


  1. The first experience you meet me for the first time?
  2. To whom you hate the most. Do you want to kill him?
  3. What is your crazy dream that you want to fulfill?
  4. The quality you like the most in yourself?
  5. The quality you’d like to change in yourself?
  6. What do you like in me?
  7. The thing you don’t like in me?
  8. Which marriage you want to prefer? Love or arrange?
  9. Your best friends name?
  10. What is your view on me?
  11. The most important person in your life?
  12. My saved contact name in your phone.?
  13. What is the bad quality you saw in me?
  14. Things you like most in me?
  15. What is your favourite tv show?
  16. Relation status you want to be with me?
  17. How is my character ?
  18. What is your hobby and what you want to do more ?
  19. Which type of colour and dressing suits me in your choice?
  20. Dedicate a song for our relationship?

WhatsApp puzzles games 

Give a name to below emoji or smileys. The name is hidden in decode. So try for it.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]
  1. 👋(name of a car)
  2. 👩📕(name of a social media)
  3. 😁di (name of a subject)
  4. 🎼☔❌(Indian cricketer name)
  5. 🍅🍵(Indian dish)


  1. Tata
  2. Facebook
  3. Hindi
  4. Suresh Raina.
  5. Tomato soup

WhatsApp dare puzzle games

Rearrange the word to which you are using daily and always in front of your eyes. Let’s see who is replying first. Must try.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]
  1. kcobaeof
  2. rtetiwt
  3. imeobl
  4. hwvtos
  5. mcaien
  6. yakderob
  7. legeog.
  8. lrocoe
  9. tohpo
  10. dwonwi


  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter.
  3. Mobile
  4. Tvshow
  5. Cinema
  6. Keyboard
  7. Google
  8. Cooler.
  9. Photo.
  10. Window

Whatsapp dare questions

Some questions are given below. Use your mind and answer it. One daytime to reply. It’s a challenge for you.

[themify_box color=”light-blue”]
  1. Why is b always cool?
  2. I have four legs but i can’t walk. Tell me who am I?
  3. Are you 60 years old??
  4. Why science students do not have a love affair?
  5. To which city no one interested to go?
  6. Why is sun burning?
  7. Why girls are beautiful?
  8. Why celebrities are always feeling cool?
  9. Have you thought to go to heaven?
  10. Why is the population of India more?


  1. b is between a and c.
  2. chairs.
  3. No, I am 20 years old with 40 years experience.
  4. because love is an art. We are science.
  5. electricity.
  6. May be moon hurt him.
  7. Because they are already fools.
  8. Because celebrity has a huge fan.
  9. Yes,i have gone so many times, in dreams.
  10. Because in India Gods are 33 crore. So why it is in 2nd position.

Whatsapp funny dare messages

Read full message. It’s only for you. I will say what are you thinking about while reading the message.

[themify_box color=”light-yellow”]

1-Heyy, what are you doing?

2-i know you are using whatsapp opening your books.

3-you smile, because I caught you.

4-you were chatting with your best friend.

5-your best friend is telling you to send her a cute Selfie but you are refusing to give.

7-But she is trying to make you convinced.

8-you are thinking about me that how did you know.

9-now you want to finish the message without reading last lines. Because you are angry.

10-you are going to delete the message.

No no don’t delete it. I have not asked you still now that why I had sent it to you. Do you want to know? Then tell me what was missing an entire message. You are again going to read the message but you didn’t find out.


6 number serial line is missing. Did you notice? Yes, now. You want to kill me. It’s ok.



Friends, I know this message is very funny. You were reading your message with your friend’s command that gave you smile, angry, laugh… Everything. So enjoy our WhatsApp dare message.

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WhatsApp is a social site which is getting more popular day to day by new trending messages. Youngsters are enjoying more by solving puzzles and giving answers to dare messages. It is the most easiest way to get entertainment. So my suggestion is always for you that visit our pages and copy the whatsapp dare and Whatsapp puzzle game messages and share it with your friends. If you like our whatsapp dare and puzzle game messages then leave a comment. We will work hard for next time to come with you again. Thanks a lot.

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