How to know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile

Want to know who visited My Facebook Profiles|| Here is What You Need to Do||Many Times we have a doubt in our mind that was he/she visit my Facebook account and slowly we inevitably feel that he is following me on facebook, but the problem is that Facebook not shows who visit your profile. Directly but Is there any solution for these? and the Answer is definitely you can view who view your profile with some cool tricks.

In Todays World, Almost Whole World is approaching the Internet and so on the social media giant Facebook, anyone who has access to the internet must have at least a single account on facebook. And if anyone using the internet for a year or twice then he/she must have more then one Facebook account. Offcource all other is the fake one.

As everyone is on FB people find easy to catch their childhood friends, classmates, their crush, also the girl they meet only once, and one can also search for a girl, which they just know by name and even most sadly your relatives you never attended also finds you here.


Here everyone is free to make friends, chat with them, and also upload their photos as well as videos which make them express their joy as well as sorrow for everyone. In this ecosystem of giving likes and taking likes, everyone wants to know who likes their photos, their videos, their comment, their status, and now people want to who the hell Visit their Profile.

Who Viewed My Facebook Account

Now people are very concern about their Facebook profile more than their original profile(their actual nature and who they are in reality) For everyone their virtual image is much more important than the real model they have.
So who visit my Facebook profile and who make my virtual empire to fall matter most in today’s world and in that If someone trips their facebook account which is their properties, that they built over a decade and continued to develop till the date.

Note: All the Method shown Here are correctly working and tried by my team and me on a regular interval, So this is not any random trick shown here, Used by many users and worked well every time it used.Used it and enjoyed the freedom of knowing who like you, stocks you and many more things you want.

Want to Know who visit your profile ?? Is any unknown visits my Profile regularly? Was anyone stocking Me?Does my crush visit My profile? Does she Visit my Profile Daily?

The different way to find: Know who has viewed my facebook account.

  1. On PC.
  2. On Android.
  3. On IOS.


On PC/ Window/ Linux/ Chrome: There are numbers of methods to know who visits your Facebook Profiles.
• Using Extension.
• Using Javascript.

#a) Using Extension.

First, we introduced the Extension Method. The Simple way to find who visit your profile is using extension there are no. of extension available on chrome browser.
1] FlatBook.
2] Social Profile View Notification.
3] Super Viewer for Facebook.

#1) Flatbook

FlatBook is extension use for multiple users on Facebook for latest feed, know visitor, Get videos, news from different pages.
Step to step Guide to know who visited my Facebook account.

  • Open Chrome Browser.
  • In Search bar type “Flatbook extension”.
  • Or direct visit here
  • Then the popup Open.
  • Click on “Add to Chrome” Button.
who visited my Facebook account flatbook
  • Go to your Facebook account.
  • In the Left side of Toolbar, you see a Flatbook option.
who visited my Facebook account flatbook 1
  • Click on it.
  • You see a visitor button and click on it
who visited my Facebook account flatbook 2

And Here is the thing what you were looking for.

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#2) Social Profile View Notification

This is another extension which brings a visitor option right next to Home Button. Step by step Guide

  • Search for Social profile view on chrome.
  • Click on the first link appear
  • Click on “Add to Chrome” button.
  • Open Facebook account the “visitor” button appears right next to Home button.
Who Viewed My Facebook Account chrome extension method
  • Click on it.

#3) Super Viewer for Facebook

  • Third extension of the type.
  • Follow the same Method search for extension name “Add to Chrome.”
  • A small icon appears on right side of the chrome.
  • Open facebook account, click on that icon
  • Pop-up window open click on “See who viewed my profile.”
  • Know the truth.

This is one of the Best Method to do so, but if you want to try another method.

#b) Using Javascript

  • This is also an easy step to know the visitor of your profile
  • Go to your facebook account
  • Open profile page, do right click in the space in left center
  • Click on “View Source Code” Button/ press (Ctrl+u).
  • Codding Page opened, After press(ctrl+f).
Who Viewed My Facebook Account javascript method
  • Search for “InitialChatFriendsList”
  • Below that numbers appear in”100023552166025-2.”
  • Copy no. Neglecting ” &-2 i.e. (100023552166025)
  •  Paste this no at the Place of your username in URL of facebook

This is How the Extension Method Work But in a GUI form, But in the backend, this process is going on.


Nowadays people used Android than ever before.There are more than 2 billion people in the world using Android.Every single person who owns his Android device has one facebook account at least, as I said before.And have a Big A big responsibility of maintaining our social image is the priority of every human being. According to survey average adult spends at least 1-2hr using Social media i.e.FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER (very less).

So There also Demand of an App that tells us who see or Visits my Facebook Profile, and so there come an App that provides this data to the guys who thinks they own a virtual empire on their own. The Name of the app is “Who visits my Profile “There is two version of this app: Paid and Free, Both the App have the feature of showing who visit your FB Profile.

How to Use the Who visits my Profile  App?

who viewed my facebook profile android
  • Go to play store.
  • Search for “who visit my profile” or direct go here 
  • Install the first App Listed on the list.
  • After Installing, Open the App.
  • Log in using the Facebook Id and password.
  • After log-in, the app fetches the data from the server, of your profiles.
  • The list shows the list of friends as well as the new visitor who visit your profile.

And sadly there is only one way to know who visits your profile using Android But which is way simple than other methods.


Today Apple is grown in such a huge company, that one can not even come close to it, The legend and great Thinker Steve Jobs change the life of millions of people, he is known as a man who put the smartphone in the hands of common people. He not look at the costing but look at the services they want to provide and proving that he was right. Now the world knows him, and his brand touches the sky and still growing.

Now that innovative idea of Jobs making tons of money every single day. iPhone not just remain a phone it becomes the symbol of prestige for everyone. A person who owns his iPhone behave like a King of heaven.They transform themselves in such a way that shows off become their habit.

And where there is a smartphone and especially an iPhone, there must be a facebook account, and they were always in a race of showing how precious they are and how well they look by taking the selfie showing their so-called iPhone and from each part of their body. They want to know sooner eager to know who visit their Facebook account who saw their pictures taken from an Apple mobile. The craze they have about this is at the peak.

DO AN IPHONE USER KNOW WHO VISIT THEIR PROFILE?Is there any App in the Appstore? What is the name of that app? So WHAT IS THE SOLUTION ?? IS THERE ANY? AND IF YES WHAT IS IT??And the answer is yes; there is a Good News for All the iPhone user, There is an app in AppStore that can solve these problems for them.
And what is the Name of App is “Who viewed my Profile ” for IOS which also have an excellent rating of 4 star which is also available on android play store.

There is two version of this app: Paid and Free, Both the App have the feature of showing who visit your FB Profile.

#a) Use Who viewed my Profile apps on iPhone devices?

  • Go to an app store.
  • Search for “who viewed my profile”.
  • Install the first App Listed on the list or direct download visit here 
  • After Installing, Open the App.
  • Log in using the Facebook Id and password.
  • After log-in, the app fetches the data from a server, of your profiles.
  • The list shows the list of friends as well as a new visitor who visit your profile

So there is only one way to know who visits your facebook profile using iPhone.

#b) Use “Who interacts with my profile for facebook app”

This apps developer  Dervis Akyuz having an excellent rating of 3 stars by 200+ reviewer which is good enough to use this app. Also, have the same Method to use just

  • Go to an app store or direct visit here apps  install the app
  • Open App, Log-in through your Facebook Id and Password
  • And now it loads all the visitor from your Facebook profile.

Short Summary of the post

So the Best thing is that there are the various method available to find if anyone visits your Facebook profile or if anyone is stocking you on facebook.

For PC: Different extension is available like Flatbook, Social Profile View
Notification, Super Viewer for Facebook. Secondly, there is a manual method for this by accessing the source code from chrome and searching them manually

For Android: On Android, there is an app called “Who visits my Profile ” on which you have to log in to Facebook and get the use the information you were looking for.

For iPhone: the same app available name “Who visits my Profile “to find who visits your profile.


As a privacy concern, it is essential to know who visits your profile and who they are? And what they want?, If the person visits your profile randomly Its ok. But if he/she visits your profile daily, i.e., stocking you, it may be a significant Issue for you And what we Provide you, can help you to look at them, of which care must be taken off.

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