1000+ Windows 10 Themes Collection 2020

Windows 10 themes change the customization look and feel new interference in the windows 10 operating pc or windows device. After releasing window 10 OS, there are a lot of people use this because it operating is very fast and it gives good user-friendly features. But, many of window 10 user searching about cool windows themes because they find are a lot of Windows official theme available in Microsoft store, but some user needs some new window themes. I don’t know why but the user downloads more and more windows 10 custom themes and change their themes.

We know the windows theme is a preset package which contains a lot of wallpaper, sound effects and screen saver that can change the graphical appearance details. So let’s start our main topic of the post is it possible to find a direct download link themes collection or where can find the download link such term is Windows 10 theme pack, windows 7 themes pack, Windows 8 themes pack, windows 10 desktop themes, etc. Already you have waste time find the correct information. I know you need so In this post, we provided the direct download link 1000+ Windows 10 themes download, windows 7 themes free download, and Windows 8/8.1 themes. You can not find the huge list of Windows themes set at once place but you see only this blog.

Windows 10 Themes download

Now, the Windows 10 is latest Os so we mainly focus on its themes but it is used other OS also ( windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1). Last time I share some WhatsApp custom themes on a blog but today we can topic change android WhatsApp theme to Pc Windows theme.

Windows 10 Themes features[themify_hr color=”red”]

Window 10 Themes features mean what facilities give by the themes. Also, we add some blog features about a download.

One click download

You can find the direct download link to windows in themes on this post. Just tap into any favorite themes it redirects to Mediafire and shows download button.Simply click on download button now download will start.

One click Apply

The themes are applied quickly to your windows. After download complete hit on the theme it will automatically installed and apply.

Change background wallpaper

After using the theme, your background wallpaper will be change on your pc.

Change sound Effect

The sound effect will change after using the below themes. The lock screen sound, shutdown and window turn on a notification sound will change.

New screensaver

screensaver is new look after sleep the screen. So the below themes give new screensaver after used windows themes.

Add new icon look

The theme changes New look icon folder, browser, file manager, internet icon, etc. That can give a new look your computer pc or Windows.

1000+ Best Windows 10 Themes collection[themify_hr color=”red”]

You can find a lot of themes in below. To help user we provided the categories wise  that can help to user to find particular themes. Let’s look below …..

Colour windows 10 desktop themes

Some background color changeable theme collection added in this categories. See the colorful themes like a rainbow, Neon, light blue etc. And use it on your windows platform.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

hd themes for windows 10

Their are a lot of hd themes for windows 10 are listed here. you can’t find below list hd themes from another blog.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

Microsoft themes for windows 10

This categories we added some officially Microsoft themes for widow 10 user . just see the below icon and get your  themes .

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

Brand themes

Brand theme changes the quality of the windows. I recommend you to use the brand windows themes and get an impression on your friends.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

 windows 10 Game themes

Some windows user falls in game addicted. They have always tried their pc gaming look. So they can use game stickers for outside interference, But the thought how to change the internal interface? And search gaming Windows themes. To need such type of user we provided this collection.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

Design your windows10 into Girl themes

Some people want how to make our windows theme in attachment with girl wallpaper and searching girl wallpaper. But in this categories find a lot of girl windows 7/8/10 themes.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list] [themify_icon icon=”ti-hand-point-right” label=”Facebook Android Themes ” link=”https://socialclu.com/facebook-messenger-themes/” icon_color=”#193acf”]

Different type City Themes

we collected some city wallpaper, and sound effect and make the awesome city theme. Here you can find the popular city pack. Also, we make your own city theme if you want just comment me on the comment box.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

Celebrity themes

Celebrity refers to the fame & public attention which is by mass media to individuals or groups but is usually applied to the persons of people themselves who receive such a status of fame and attention. So many windows 10 user waste time to search their favorite celebrity themes. I share some list if your favorite celebrity is not found.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

Holidays free themes for widows 10

A holiday is a day which is suspended after daily activities. we share the best holiday themes set for your windows.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

Movies  themes

In this list, I added some popular movies windows10 themes download link. So choose your favorite movies themes and download it! And change the Windows themes into movies theme interference.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list] [themify_icon icon=”ti-hand-point-right” label=” 300+ Telegram Groups ” link=”https://socialclu.com/telegram-groups-invite-link-collection/” icon_color=”#193acf”]

Nature  themes

Nature covers the world. On this earth, any place you eye see that’s the nature. So friends in this categories we listed about some nature themes for your windows 10 operating pc/windows and laptop.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

Sports themes

we share the popular sportsman wallpaper, and it converts into themes. See your favorite sportsman themes. [themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″]


Bike themes

There are a lot of Sports bike and Popular sports bike themes show below. download your favorite bike themes using window icon. [themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″]


Animal themes

See a rich collection of stock animal themes you can use it windows 10 operating devices. Explore quality themes photos, art & more.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

Anime themes

See the Anime new themes free download link in this categories. choose an anime themes and use your windows.

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

Cartoon Themes

[themify_list icon=”fa-windows” icon_color=”#1eaec7″] [/themify_list]

More  Themes Coming Soon………..

Best Windows 10 Themes

On the above we share the themes in categories format. now, it can be written in list wisely. which is a help to choose a particular window themes? so in my review, it is called best window 10 themes categories.

  1. Color themes
  2. Brand Themes
  3. Game Themes
  4. City Themes
  5. Bike Themes
  6. Nature Themes
  7. Cartoon Themes
  8. Holidays Themes
  9. Celebrity Themes
  10. Microsoft Themes

How to use the windows 10 themes?[themify_hr color=”orange”]

  1. First, download windows 10 themes on your pc and double-click the right button on your mouse.window 10 themes install method
  2. Now it shows an unpacking file and automatically applies it to your pc.window 10 themes install image
  3. if you don’t like that then use default themes option by the proper way settings>> personalize >>Themes.

Final word

The post download 1000+ windows 10 themes is taken a lot of days to write. we try my best post. so, I sure you must be enjoying my post if yes, then share your feedback on the comment box.